Scientists Say Ethiopian Airlines Flight Crush Was Triggered by Nature

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Scientists Get a Clue Linking the Boeing 737 Max Disasters Came From Space

The first concrete evidence of a possible link between two deadly Boeing 737 Max crashes came from space.

Scene where the Ethiopian Airlines Boeing crushed
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A new satellite network capable of tracking planes in high fidelity across the globe captured the flight path of the Boeing Co. 737 Max that crashed Sunday.

The data was critical in persuading the U.S. to join the rest of the world in grounding the jet, according to industry and regulatory officials.

The erratic, six-minute flight of the Ethiopian Airlines plane convinced the Federal Aviation Administration that it was close enough to what preceded the Oct. 29 crash of another Max off the coast of Indonesia to warrant concern.

After reviewing the data “it became clear — to all parties, actually — that the track of the Ethiopian Airlines flight was very close and behaved very similarly to the Lion Air flight,” agency Acting Administrator Daniel Elwell said Wednesday.

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